Announcing: 2017 Patrons-Only Print Collection

It’s here! I’m so excited to unveil the collection of prints available *only* to Patreon patrons at the $10/month level or above. The reward for this level of patronage is the selection of one print from this collection each year! Check out all the new prints here.

To select your print, visit the store, and add the item to your cart. The default shipping option will be “Pickup”. I will be in touch to arrange for free shipping, pickup or delivery of your patrons-only print.

Additional prints, from this collection or from the full 2017 collection, are available to patrons ($10/month level or above) at 10% off, by entering the code “PATREON10” at checkout.

THANK YOU for believing in my work and supporting me in the most tangible way!

Want to become a patron? Want to tell your friends about becoming a patron too? You can! Visit

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a global community of artists and their patrons — that means people like you and me. Through this site, you can make a monthly donation in support of my ongoing work, and discover other independent artists and opportunities to support their ongoing work. Unlike project-based crowdfunding sites you may already know about (like Kickstarter), which are designed to raise large amounts of money for a single project, Patreon is designed to cultivate long-term patrons of artists’ work, with monthly amounts to fit any budget.

This is a bold new model in the quest to keep artists independently creating and sharing work with more people, not just collectors but anyone in the world who has access to the internet.

It’s a way to pay people directly for their work. Work that you personally enjoy or benefit from in some way, or work you simply believe in. It’s a way for you to vote with your dollars, at whatever level works for you. It’s a virtual tip jar where you can symbolically high five, offer encouragement, and say to your favorite independent artist, “Keep going! I love you!”.

Arts patronage has existed throughout the centuries. But now, patronage is not limited to the few aristocrats and their tastes. It is wide open to the world to participate in. We’re all in this together! From $1 to $100, every single patron makes a difference in my ability to continue creating and offering Wild Tomato Arts, wild and free.