Whales whales whales

It’s been hard to ride my bike continuously along the coastal trail these past few days. Every few feet I am stopped in my tracks by a breaching whale or pair or three! I have begun to observe how the birds show us where the next whale will breach. And I love seeing pairs breach in unison!

Plus, have you ever heard a whale honk?

Whales remembered from Quarry Park view point

Gift from the sea…

Today I cracked open a new Moleskine notebook – the small watercolor album. I’ve never used it before, but there is liberation in a small blank page.

I sat with a piece of seaweed in front of me on the beach, and was able to take the time to let each layer of paint dry, adding more layers until I found the olive green-brown that satisfied me.

Seaweed 6.3.16

Today my gift from the sea was the chance to pay attention to the way colors mix on a page. And to sit for long enough to feel the quality of the ocean’s embrace. I was inspired to jot these words down too:

Ocean’s Embrace

She approaches with a low rumble

as if a stampede of galloping hooves roll in

from the horizon.

She rolls and curls

and like many gentle fingers

she envelopes with a

soft touch

Soft yet definite

holding the power

to move boulders

grain by grain

crumbling walls

dissolving manmade

structures overnight

reminding us

of our brief time here.

Today – Friday, June 3, 2016

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