Message at Martin’s Beach

Fourth of July was a full day for me, starting with milking the goats at Vida Verde Education. On my way back, since I was with my partner who had never been to Martin’s Beach, we decided to stop and check it out. We were the first ones to walk the beach that morning.

But we were not the first to see the message placed on the bluff top like the “Hollywood” sign. I wonder who the lucky couple was.

IMG_1194 2
On site – before adding in the color of sky.


At home, after adding sky.
At home, after adding sky.

Martins Beach July 4-1-2 Martins Beach July 4-1

Gift from the sea…

Today I cracked open a new Moleskine notebook – the small watercolor album. I’ve never used it before, but there is liberation in a small blank page.

I sat with a piece of seaweed in front of me on the beach, and was able to take the time to let each layer of paint dry, adding more layers until I found the olive green-brown that satisfied me.

Seaweed 6.3.16

Today my gift from the sea was the chance to pay attention to the way colors mix on a page. And to sit for long enough to feel the quality of the ocean’s embrace. I was inspired to jot these words down too:

Ocean’s Embrace

She approaches with a low rumble

as if a stampede of galloping hooves roll in

from the horizon.

She rolls and curls

and like many gentle fingers

she envelopes with a

soft touch

Soft yet definite

holding the power

to move boulders

grain by grain

crumbling walls

dissolving manmade

structures overnight

reminding us

of our brief time here.

Today – Friday, June 3, 2016

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