A special place

There are many special places along this small strip of California coastline I now call home.

One of them feels particularly special because I get to visit every two weeks as a volunteer goat milker. What began as a once-in-a-while opportunity has become part of the rhythm of my life. The rhythm of rising early on a Monday morning and driving south on Highway One. The rhythm of the seasons, the fog, the sun, and the changing colors of the hills on San Gregorio Road. The rhythm of cows and calves, of yellow mustard flowers, of the black earth freshly tilled, of the harvest.

What makes a place special, anyway?

San Gregorio cows 10.5.15

Is it the people? The conversations? The color of the sky? The way the light hits a hill? The sounds that fill the space?

Vida Verde Morning 2.15.16

The stillness and the movement of life surround me in this special place.

It feels like a hidden gem, so close yet also far removed, like a memory of something I never knew I had forgotten.

Vida Verde garden sketches

Goats 1 of 2 Vida Verde 2.15.16

Goats 2 of 2 Vida Verde 2.15.16

All words and images were created by Lisa Chu, from 10.5.15 to 2.16.16.

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