I’m going to Gettysburg!

Before 10 am - 8.30.16

Today, before 10am.

Last day at home for awhile. Took a longer than usual walk on the beach…with sand dollars and terns and oceans of open sand, washed clean from last night’s tide. Enjoyed a cup of tea and some toast while I looked at more photos of artifacts and stories from Gettysburg. [Note: I am still not packing for my trip, which is mildly concerning.]

Yes, I am headed to Gettysburg National Park TOMORROW. I was twice a finalist for the National Parks Arts Foundation artist residency, so I decided to create my own. I found a cute little lower-level apartment for rent from a kiwi farmer and her husband. When she heard I am an artist and saw my work, she began sending me all kinds of resources on local artists, and offered to introduce me to many of her contacts who are involved in arts patronage in Gettysburg. Patronage starts with these small acts of kindness, nurturing connections by going above and beyond the transaction.

I will be setting up a Patreon page to invite you to contemplate becoming a patron of my art. Right now, my contributions to the world remain largely outside the formal economy. My most deeply interesting and gratifying work has happened by showing up and saying “Yes”, trusting in what will come from my enthusiasm, care, and attention.

Patreon is crowd-sourced arts patronage. It’s like a virtual tip jar, allowing you to “high five”, encourage, and cheer me on in my work, as I make and share with you what I discover. It’s a form of arts patronage that is unique to the internet age. I hope you’ll join me in this exciting venture. Stay tuned for a url where you can get involved!

P.S. This “Today, before 10am” project started back in July on Instagram, where every day I have created a one-page illustrated journal of something I noticed or experienced that day before 10am. I continued it in Yosemite and I will continue it at Gettysburg in expanded form!