Gettysburg Artist Residency Illustrated Journal

In September 2016, I traveled to Gettysburg National Military Park for a self-created artist residency. In addition to plein air sketching, I created a daily illustrated journal of my experiences and observations. Here are some sample pages from the 72-page volume, currently in process of being compiled into book form.  

Before and After: Gettysburg-inspired Community Quilt in Half Moon Bay

Today was finally “Uninstall Day” for my Gettysburg in 2016 installation at Half Moon Bay Library. It had been extended by two weeks, and I was excited to see how FULL the jar of fabric squares was today. Visitors were invited to write their responses to the excerpt from Lincoln’s Gettysburg address presented on a muslin painted […]

Gettysburg in 2016 Project

In September 2016, I traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, for a 40-day self-created artist residency, focused on Gettysburg National Park and surrounding Civil War battlefields and historical sites. While there, I rented a studio from local hosts, whose home was located on a picturesque kiwi berry farm less than one mile from Little Round Top. I sketched […]

Gettysburg 2016 Limited Edition Notecards Now Available!

I’m pleased to release this series of eight designs, each created on location in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, during my September 2016 artist residency there. These cards will be available for a limited time only on this site, so you are encouraged to place your orders as soon as you can. Each folded card is blank inside, […]

Yes! Installation Day for “Gettysburg in 2016” at Half Moon Bay Library

Here’s to stretching beyond our comfort zones. This morning I installed the pieces of my exhibit at Half Moon Bay Library for my “Gettysburg in 2016” show. This involved several firsts for me. I have never worked on this large a scale (36 inches by 72 inches) before. I have never used fabric and yarn in […]