Badass Women Portraits Project

I was selected as Artist in Residence at Bamboo body+hair in Half Moon Bay, California. This was to be my first solo exhibition, from February through May 2017, and required at least twenty pieces to fill the space.

Searching for inspiration for a daily art-making practice to fuel the work for the show, I discovered the “Badass Women Challenge” on Instagram, a list of thirty-one “Badass Women” curated by Sarah Wilde Pearson (@theinkyhand) and Sam Zabell (@samzawrites), both calligraphy and hand lettering artists. Their challenge was focused on lettering the women’s names, but I immediately saw the opportunity o turn this into the basis for my daily illustration practice and for the solo show at Bamboo.

The result was the creation of thirty-one portraits of women from throughout history and around the world, including the face of each woman, their name, and, in some cases, a quote.

Pictured here are a selection of images from the exhibition. A full exhibition catalog is available for preview here and for purchase here.

The exhibition of 27 works was installed from February 13, through May 13, 2017, at Bamboo hair+body, 799 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California. Works exhibited were available for purchase.

A related artist workshop was presented on Sunday, April 2, at New Leaf Community Markets Classroom, Half Moon Bay.

Media coverage:

Half Moon Bay Review cover article

NBC Bay Area video and feature article

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Preview of exhibition catalog:

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